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My Purpose

My purpose is a spiritual purpose.  A dedication to introducing and maintaining a connection to the earth and its magic, and whom or what better than our friendly counterparts, the plant. We are always getting new opportunities to expound, and new choices are always developing, but it's what and how we move through those choices that creates the future. 

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Saidah Rah
Herbal Tinctures and More!

Herbs have such an affinity for our body!  Giving the cells a boost in order for them to serve you optimally.  There is an herb to serve our every need to prevent or treat, or, for acute and mild symptoms.   


What’s in Store?

Saidah Rah
Herbal everything!!

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Burdock Root



We thank everyone for trusting is us for their Herbal needs, and we look forward to making available more resources for individual health consciousness.


I have had sciatica for years, and I took the turmeric extract and it really works.  I felt really good when i took it, and I got used to the taste.

Cynthia, Los Angeles, C.a.

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